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FEDI-EA mini Federación Digital EA is a federation of associations, created with the purpose of:
  • Promoting all kind of Activities for radio amateurs.
  • Offering common Services, cheap and reliable.
  • Giving a suitable Representation before Public Administration.
You can see the list of FEDI-EA members that, following an easy incorporation procedure, decided to become part of a democratic structure that allows them to open horizons, without interfering their own management.

In the General Assembly each association has ONE vote.

To be a member of FEDI-EA has an annual cost of only 30 € per association. Also individual radio amateurs may participate.

EA3RKF is the official callsign of the Federation since 2010.

Brief history

The idea of creating Federación Digital EA was born at the end of 1990 as a result of meetings between Sysops, associations and digital ham radio groups. These meetings, called SYSEA, are the origin of the Spanish Packet Radio Network: EANET.

Finally, FEDI-EA was founded on July the 25th of 1992, approving its statutes and electing its first Board of Directors.

Federación Digital EA, as special guest of DARC, was present in the well known German fair HAM RADIO'93, where the Spanish Packet Radio Network was introduced internationally .

Concerning to the relationship with the Public Administration, specifically in telecommunications matters, FEDI-EA has been doing an spreading and approaching task, writting some reports and recommendations that it sent to DGTel in order to explain the reality of ham radio.

Nevertheless, when in 1997 BOE published regulations for packet radio relay stations, which destroyed, at once, the whole task done during more than 10 years by Spanish radio amateurs specialized in digital communications, real precursors of the internet we know nowadays, Federación Digital EA decided to start the campaign "Packet YES, Regulations NO" made up of several actions, emphasizing one: to interpose a Contentious-Administrative Appeal as the only legal means to amend the errors in the published text, defending in this way the rightful concerns of the members it represents and amateur radio in general.

From a more playful point of view, FEDI-EA organized, among others, the following events:

  • SYSEA'92 Congress, where, for the first time in Spain, brought the renowned French radio amateur Jean-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB, to talk a technical lecture about message systems, supplying, besides, a simultaneously translation service to all assistants.
  • EANET'96 International Contest, where cultural exchange was promoted among countries, reaching 75% of world wide coverage.
  • publication of DIGICLUB, the unique digital magazine for radio amateurs in this country, giving it a continuity.
la boutique del packet
Conoce a nuestros miembros

Nombre: Federación Digital EA
Indicativos: EA3RKF
Sede: Sabadell (Barcelona)
Contacto: fediea@fediea.org
Teléfono: 902945699
Fundación: 1992
Cuota: 30 €/año por asociación
Hitos: Servicio QSL, Canal TV, asociación miembro de FEDI-EA Seguro de Antenas, EANET, DIGICLUB, SYSEA, ...

La foto de archivo

Diploma EANET para EA3RCQ
EA3RCQ, Radio Club Quijotes Internacionales, recibiendo el Diploma EANET de muestra.
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