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How to become a member of FEDI-EA?

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How to become a member of FEDI-EA?

Frequently asked question in our inbox and telephone switchboard, which has a multiple, but simple and economical answer, which we develop below. We also include the promotional newsletter that summarizes the services, activities and representation we carry out. Do not miss it!

If you are already a member, pass this information to your radio colleagues. Sure they will thank you.

Although the Federación Digital EA is a federation of associations, there are many individual radio amateurs who find us online and request to be part of our ecosystem .

Being practical, our first advice is to adhere directly to the Federation and, from there, discover what member associations integrate it, where they are located, what additional services they offer and what activities they carry out, in case they would prefer to do so in the future through some of them.

That said, we offer two direct membership possibilities, with two different annual fees:

The standard membership, which also includes all the basic services, offers exclusively:

  • Civil Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance with worldwide coverage nuevo
  • Antenna Insurance (up to EUR 300.000 coverage!!!)
  • Legal Service
  • contribution to the maintenance of the NGO Radio amateurs without Frontiers

The basic membership, meanwhile, includes the following services:

EURAO membership card
  • QSL Service (of worldwide scope)
  • Quarterly (paper) Newsletter
  • EURAO membership
  • European Radio Amateur, SWL and/or CB Card
  • Multi-club activations exclusively for members
  • Young Club (0-30 years)
  • YL Club (of women)
  • Expat Club (foreigners)
  • CB DX callsign
  • Use of the post office box
  • Member Benefits Program

In addition, there are a number of services that we make available to the community for free:

  • Weekly email Newsletter
  • SWL callsign
  • Forum
  • EchoLink Conference (*EANET*)
  • material for the amateur radio exam: tests , handbooks , on-line application , ...
  • ...

So, we wait for you. Share with us all the good radio moments, news, teachings and tricks of the most veteran. Together we will go further!

If you still have any questions or wish to send us your comments, we are at your disposal: QRV.

If, while you think about it, you want to receive information and radio news, sign up for our newsletter by filling out the mini-form in the right column .

For associations, this is the procedure for joining FEDI-EA.

For residents in other countries, a good alternative is to become an individual member of EURAO.

* These amounts can be increased by an small registration fee the first time one joins or if the annual renewal occurs outside the periods established for it.

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Nombre: Federación Digital EA
Indicativos: EA3RKF
Sede: Sabadell (Barcelona)
Contacto: fediea@fediea.org
Teléfono: 902945699
Fundación: 1992
Cuota: 30 €/año por asociación
Hitos: Servicio QSL, Canal TV, asociación miembro de FEDI-EA Seguro de Antenas, EANET, DIGICLUB, SYSEA, ...

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