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AOxEU: Europe Day "on the air", QSL and Award  español english

The special callsigns AO1EU, AO2EU, AO3EU, AO4EU, AO5EU, AO6EU, AO7EU, AO8EU and AO9EU will be active, 1-20 May 2010, on the occasion of the event on the 9th of May 1950, date in which Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe, peaceful and solidary, that, in addition, this year coincides with the Spanish Presidency-in-turn of the EU. Hereby, the EA Digital Federation, member of European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO), wants to promote this common space where living together called Europe. The contact is also valid for the Radio Clubs of the World Award, EANET.

We, radio amateurs, linked through the waves, that do not know about borders, nor prejudices of any kind, are in a privileged position to share and promote cultural exchange between citizens of different countries.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity to announce this Europe, teenager and still under construction, despite being the Old Continent, of which Spain is part, as many others, for almost 25 years.

In the selection of links below you will find very interesting information on the creation of Europe and its inspiring principles. One can never know too much...

How to contact the special stations?

During the 20 days the activation will last, they will be on the air using the different bands and modes more usual (phony, CW, digital, etc.). A good way to locate them is through DX Cluster and/or also consulting the agenda of the activity.

How to get the QSL?

In addition to making contact (or listening the SWLs) with one or several of the active stations from all Spanish districts, you should act according to the case:

  • Members of FEDI-EA and/or EURAO: it is enough to request the QSL card on the website of EuroBureauQSL using the option "QSL Request", indicating in Manager: EA3RKF. It is not necessary to send your own QSL.

  • Hams not members from countries where EuroBureauQSL is present: send your QSL and a SASE to the entry point of your own country (national tariff), except those marked in red that needn't SASE (i.e. USA).

  • OMs from other countries: sent a self addressed envelope and 1 IRC to: FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - 08200 Sabadell (SPAIN).

Warning: Don't try to send your QSLs via IARU bureaus classic system, they will never get us because its member society in Spain (URE) throw away them.

How to get the Award?

Those contacting with at least 3 special stations of different districts, will be able to download the special Award for free from the internet in pdf format.

Those who get 5 districts contacted will reach the Award with distinctive Bronze, with 7 to Silver and with the all 9 to Gold.


Our sincere thanks in advance to all those operators and volunteers, whose efforts will enable all of these stations are on the air during that period, making known to the world Europe, Spain and organizations that promote this activity.

If you also want to help with it, please contact us.

Puntos de entrada al EuroBureauQSL (hasta la fecha):

  • En Europa:
    • Bélgica: FRA - P.O. Box 393 - B-1000 Brussels 1
    • España y Andorra: EA3RKF - FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - E-08200 Sabadell
    • Francia: F8URC - URC - 162 rue Roger Salengro - F-62330 Isbergues
    • Grecia: HAG - 22, Kassandras Str. - GR-10447 Votanikos - Athens (Attika)
    • Italia: IT9BCC - Nino Caracci - Via Campobello, 108 - 91022 Castelvetrano
    • Luxemburgo: LX1CC - Mill Reiff - 34, rue de la Résistance - L-3340 Huncherange
    • Portugal: CT1TGM - TRGM - P.O. Box 497 - P-3001-906 Coimbra
    • Rumanía: YO9KYO - ARR - Str. Stelica Berechet, 23 - RO-087070 Comuna Daia, Judetul Giurgiu

  • Fuera de Europa:
    • Argelia: 7X2JV - Noury B.M. - P.O. Box 87 - Bouarfa 09019 Blida
    • Argentina: LU1MA - CRC - P.O. Box 232 - 5500 Mendoza
    • Chile: CE3FED - FEDERACHI - P.O. Box 9570 - Santiago 21
    • Costa Rica: TI2WMP - Waldyn Murillo Pérez - P.O. Box 117-1450 - 10601 San José
    • EE.UU.: W2EN - Douglas Rue - 21 Jeffrey Court - Somerville, NJ 08876
    • India: VU2BK - MHRC - Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan Campus - Dist. Sirohi, 307510 Rajasthan
    • Uruguay: CX3CCC - Radiogrupo Sur - P.O. Box 950 - 11000 Montevideo
    • Venezuela: YY5PEZ - Bernardino Soares - P.O. Box 195, O.P.T. San Juan de los Morros - Estado Guarico - CP 2301

Los puntos de entrada en rojo sólo trabajan como bureaus de salida y se complementan con los clásicos bureaus de entrada de la IARU en aquellos países que la distribución de QSLs funciona en abierto, es decir, tanto para socios como no socios.

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