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euskara 2024-06-15 Honetan zaude: Hasiera Federazioa Jarduerak RÓdio Club Barcelona Permanent Award

RÓdio Club Barcelona Permanent Award

30th Anniversary (1979-2009)

In occassion of 30th anniversary of RÓdio Club Barcelona this Permanent Award is updated, in force since 1980, leaving their bases established as follows:

  1. Issued to all radio amateur and SWL composing, with the first letter of the suffix of the stations contacted or heard, respectively, the sentence:


    Exemple: uk5Rib, ea2Ald, dg3Dw, it1Ih, vo5Oc, etc.

  2. The contacted/heard stations must be from different countries, without repeating any country.

  3. The Award may be obtained from any of the following addresses:

    • ea3rkb@fediea.org

    • RÓdio Club Barcelona
      Ref.: Permanent Award
      P.O. Box 3050
      08200 Sabadell [Barcelona] (SPAIN)

    The log with the contacts making up the above sentence must be submited, specifying: callsign, date, time, band, mode and RST.

  4. The Award may be obtained in two formats:

    • Electronic: completely free of charge, the applicant will receive the Award by email as an attachment, that can be stored on your disk or printed on A4 size (210 x 297 mm).

    • Paper: if you prefer to receive the Award by mail, you must send to us the amount of 5 euros or U.S. $ 5 for shipping.

  5. Valid contacts are since October 22, 1979, founding date of the RÓdio Club Barcelona.

Diploma RÓdio Club Barcelona
Gure kideak ezagutu

Nombre: RÓdio Club Barcelona
Indicativo: EA3RKB
Sede: Barcelona
Contacto: ea3rkb@fediea.org
Tel.: 932183967 - 938880099
Fundaciˇn: 1979
Cuota: 10 €/a˝o
Hitos: cursos presenciales para la obtenciˇn de la licencia, boletines RCB, Concurso de HF Sant Jordi, Diploma Permanente, miembro fundador de la ACRE, asociaciˇn miembro de FEDI-EA expediciones, demostraciones, BBS de packet radio, Congreso SYSEA'99.

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Arranque de la AO3EU con motivo del DÝa de Europa "en el aire".
Diploma RÓdio Club Barcelona

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