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AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress 2020  espa˝ol english

22 February - 1 March this special event station will be on air thanks to RÓdio Club Barcelona, EA3RKB, echoing this first class international event hosted by the mobile world capital.

Week of technology, news and radio. You can participate actively operating this station, also valid for the EANET Award.

Barcelona week

The Mobile Congress has been canceled, but the city has reinvented itself with a week of offers: tourist, gastronomic, cultural, travel, etc., that are worth taking advantage of. Visit Barcelona these days!

Among the professionals involved these days in MWC, there are some ham colleagues coming from around the world, as ours is also a global and technological hobby.

Although they probably will not have time or means to do radio from here, we can do it from our stations to the world.

So, as on other occasions, members who wish, of any part of Spain, can go on air with this special callsign, by using our booking system.

And for the rest, those unwilling or unable to act as operators of this station, a QSL will be available 100% via EuroBureauQSL, as mere radio amateur or SWL.

To easy find the special station, you can have a look to the agenda of the activity or DX Cluster.

How to get the QSL?

In addition to making contact (or listening the SWLs) with the special station, you should act according to the case:

If you make the contact and are interested in the QSL card, get it via EuroBureauQSL:

  • Members of FEDI-EA and/or EURAO: do nothing, automatically you will receive it via EuroBureauQSL. Needn't to send your own QSL, but if you do so, it is welcome. In this case, set as Manager: EA3RKB.

  • Other hams: send a SAE with 1 IRC to: FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - 08200 Sabadell (SPAIN).

Warning: Don't try to send your QSLs via IARU bureaus classic system, they will never get to us because its member society in Spain (URE) just sell them.

Reservations to operate the special station

We take care of almost everything: apply for special callsign, configure the booking system, upload logs to eQSL and to our website, send QSL cards, etc.

You just have to enjoy doing radio, fill out and send the log.

Well, you also need to choose the time you want to use the special callsign via our booking system. Read the procedure and follow its recommendations.

As a suggestion, the call may be in English: "CQ CQ CQ ... this is AO3MWC giving special QSL in ocassion of Mobile World Congress". or in Spanish: "CQ CQ CQ ... de AO3MWC otorgando QSL especial con motivo del Congreso Mundial de Mˇviles".

This year the activity will start at 00:00 h EA 2020-02-22 (23:00 h UTC 2020-02-21) and end at 23:59 h UTC 2020-03-01 (00:59 h EA 2020-03-02).

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Nombre: RÓdio Club Barcelona
Indicativo: EA3RKB
Sede: Barcelona
Contacto: ea3rkb@fediea.org
Tel.: 932183967 - 938880099
Fundaciˇn: 1979
Cuota: 10 €/a˝o
Hitos: cursos presenciales para la obtenciˇn de la licencia, boletines RCB, Concurso de HF Sant Jordi, Diploma Permanente, miembro fundador de la ACRE, asociaciˇn miembro de FEDI-EA expediciones, demostraciones, BBS de packet radio, Congreso SYSEA'99.

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