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AO150ITU: 150 years of ITU  español english

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was founded in 1865. For a century and a half, it has been at the center of advances in communications, including amateur radio service.

To commemorate this event, Federación Digital EA, member of EURAO, will be on the air next May 16 and 17 with the special station AO150ITU. An special QSL card will also be edited.

The contact is valid for the Radio Clubs of the World Award, EANET. Follow up the event through the hashtag: #itu150.

ITU, which is older than the UN itself, focuses its efforts on cooperation among governments, private companies and other stakeholders of the telecommunications sector, with the aim of achieving the best solutions in the application of new technologies.

For radio amateurs, it is the global forum where is discussed the allocation of new frequency bands and rules of use.

How to contact the special station?

During the two days, it will be on the air using the different bands and more usual modes (phony, CW, digital, etc.). A good way to locate it is through DX Cluster and/or also consulting the agenda of the activity.

Members who wish, may go on air with this special callsign, upon request by the booking system enabled for this purpose (see below).

How to get the QSL?

In addition to making contact (or listening the SWLs) with the special station, you should act according to the case:

  • Members of FEDI-EA and/or EURAO: do nothing, automatically you will receive it via EuroBureauQSL. Needn't to send your own QSL, but if you do so, it is welcome. In this case, set as Manager: EA3RKF.

  • Other hams: send a SAE with 1 IRC to: FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - 08200 Sabadell (SPAIN).

Warning: Don't try to send your QSLs via IARU bureaus classic system, they will never get to us because its member society in Spain (URE) breaches Resolution 85-9 of the IARU.

Reservations to operate the special station

We take care of almost everything: apply for special callsign, configure the booking system, upload logs to eQSL and to our website, send QSL cards, etc.

You just have to enjoy doing radio, fill out and send the log.

Well, you also need to choose the time you want to use the special callsign via our booking system. Read the procedure and follow its recommendations.

As a suggestion, the call may be in English: "CQ CQ CQ ... this is AO150ITU, special event station in occassion of 150th anniversary of ITU", or in Spanish: "CQ CQ CQ ... de AO150ITU, estación especial con motivo del 150 aniversario de la UIT".

The activity will start at 00:00 h EA 2015-05-16 (22:00 h UTC 2015-05-15) and end at 23:59 h UTC 2015-05-17 (01:59 h EA 2015-05-18).

Thanks in advance to all those who collaborate in this activity, either as operators or as simple correspondents. Have fun!

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